Plastic bags cause broken wires and Analysis

Plastic bags in the production process , due to a fault and stretching circular loom size factor , so the bags off by many reasons, because of different circular loom and the different flat, occur for different reasons , it is difficult to fully answer , is often the main reason to be summarized below.
      An individual warp yarn strength is low
      Individual warp yarn may be due to the low strength spindles working in the transport process, the surface is a hard surface or both ends is scratched , flat fibrous tissue with large impurities, or a masterbatch not melt crystallization points. In addition to recycled materials , the result of individual stretching too thin or too narrow , generally do not break through .
      2, the ambient temperature is too low
      Ambient temperature is too low , usually below 5 ℃ , flat clear crisp, significantly increased risk of broken wires . Below 10 ℃ , the brittle fracture may occur . Low humidity impact on Biansi broken wire as temperature-sensitive , usually in the relative humidity of 50 % or less , prone to broken wires . However , the ambient temperature is low and the relative humidity is small, easily broken wire .
      3 , bamboo silk and silk defects
      Big bamboo bamboo silk and wide stretching wire , it is difficult brown silk hole , pulled off . Bamboo silk Department itself has not been drawn , low intensity, brown silk hole slightly blocked , which may be broken wire .
      4 , flat fluff
      Some of raising a flat yarn during weaving through a variety of stringing holes and brown silk hole friction began to split silk, silk has been split and then after the shuttle rolling, rubbing the barricades , wire break occur frequently . About Biansi fluff reasons please read the " plastic weaving technology and equipment ," a book .
      5, the force pushing the shuttle wheel extruded
      Push the shuttle wheel position is not correct, push the shuttle position high and sometimes low , or not flexible operation , all of the warps resulting in irregular grinding pressure , resulting in breaking through . Push bobbin disk fixed to the spindle in the correct location is important , to reduce warp , to ensure safe operation of the shuttle play a decisive role. Disc fixed position high or low , the same influence to push the shuttle lever protruding . Practice has proved that the best location is the end of the push rod shaft hook with the bottom surface of the shed should face in the same horizontal line .
      If you push the shuttle wheel, steering wheel damage burr, various resin wheels wrapped folder inside the bearing rotation ineffective foreign body or assembly of the structure is unreasonable , will be too heavy rolling caused by breaking through stretching .
      Push the shuttle lever shaft bore wear, can also cause the gap is too wide , causing the push rod to push the shuttle shuttle shuttle wheel and guide wheel contact not in the same horizontal plane running , low or too high to make alternate opening down the stretching force uneven , is directed shuttle wheel grinding wheel and push crack, severing .
      6 , the upper and lower tracks galling
      Galling shuttle up and down the track , especially the state of friction was uneven , shuttle wheel passed, by stretching the projection surface grind pressure, easily broken wire.
      7 , shuttle wheel mounting position is incorrect
      In order to uniformly distribute the shuttle wheel grinding pressure on stretching , so that the safety of the shuttle run along the circular orbit , the shuttle four shuttle wheel contact with a smooth glide path must ibid . Shuttle plate fixed four shuttle wheel axle holes must be symmetrical , angle suit , so that the assembled shuttle wheel can slide up and down a smooth touch .
      8 , pike barricade adjustment assembly Shiyi
      Shuttle outside the barricades to protect the warp and weft wire tube in contact , collision , winding and design, it is inclusive spindles stretching passed staggered opening and changing the key to success weft . Guardrail appropriate shape , suitable width , can reduce the shuttle severing the warp yarn , fluff reducing heat stretching , split yarn ; can reduce the frictional resistance over the flat wire . Production process, some repairman misconception that the role of the barricades just inclusiveness spindles weft entrance, for each of the four shuttle circular loom barricades shape , width, unity does not pay attention , resulting in the assembly of various shapes , unequal width , resulting in changes in the shuttle alternately stretching across uneven opening resistance , it is easy severing plastic bags of flat wire