Plastic bags cause broken wires and Analysis(II)

Plastic woven circular loom warp for many reasons, because of different circular loom and the different flat, appear different reasons , it is difficult to fully answer , is often the main reason for the above reasons already talked about 8 The following talk about 11 reasons .
      9 , shuttle fault
      Shuttle through screw holes have burrs or imperfections , pushing the shuttle wheel dirty or inner winding flat, shuttle tail wheel bearing rotation is not flexible, the shuttle arm mounting angle is not correct , but also easy to break through .
      10 spindles turning moment of resistance is too large tray
      Support tray between the hole and shaft rotation is not flexible , flat silk pulled off . Bobbin axoneme not be too big , too heavy quality axoneme shaft hole will cause excessive wear big tray , increasing the warp yarn tension . To vertical bobbin , bobbin can cause different heart drag torque spindle runout , resulting in the warp yarn tension range. Bobbin is not fixed, so stretching suddenly tight swing suddenly pulled off loose .
      11 spindles collapse wire
      Spindles collapse silk, also known as the wrapping wire, wire sets out , flat can not be easily pulled out from the spindles and sometimes impossible to pull, pulled off the result .
      12 , when the flat wire cross threading
      Threading process is simple, but should always be done by a creel to size the ring between , there is no one to pay by wire rope , twine , overlapping . Crossing the frictional force is generated between each warp yarn , multiple wound flat wire also changes the tension balance between them , some slack or pulled too tightly woven warp wire into the port can be easily severing shuttle barricade . New additions stretching stretching with the original can not cross each other .
      13 , the guide wire has a burr
      The rollers , the hole must be smooth and not have worn grooves, burrs, etc. , in order to avoid galling stretching . Always check the guide wire hole , roll usage.
      14 , jumper overlap
      Jumper can not overlap , so one is stuck and broken warp yarn . The silk weaving process should pay attention to jump pole tension spring is in normal working condition , flat yarn woven into the texture mouth slack or pull too tight will be shuttle severing .
      15 , sent by the roller to adjust properly
      Adjust stretching warp on the corners, so that the warp yarn tension to maintain a stable and uniform weave into the mouth , so that the process of weaving warps easily fluff , breaking through, uneven fabric , such as failure can be immediately removed. The adjustment stretching at warp wrap angle on the problem , in the " circular weaving analysis and treatment of incurable diseases " are discussed in detail in his book , is not repeated.
      16 , a small six shuttle circular loom shuttles severing warps
      Small six shuttle circular loom shuttle spacing is small, or the reasons for low opening height , shuttle severing warps , sometimes severing one .
      17 , shuttle retaining rod break the warp
      On cross- warp angle is small, the shuttle retaining rod mill heat break the warp .
      18 , for other reasons
      Circular loom warp , there are many reasons . Because of our limited experience , want users to help summary.