Why plastic bags new GB cancel laminating bags stomatal requirements

Bags new national standard GB / T 8946-2012 in the "appearance quality 6.1" clause set forth in the "film" bag appearance quality is "not seepage", which provides that "no holes." So why not carry bags without holes laminating requirements, nor less than the width specified complex and apparently without shedding lumps.
      Original bags standard GB / T 8947-1998 "composite plastic woven", in the "appearance quality 4.1" clause of the "composite" provides that "not less than the width appears complex, obviously off, pores or lumps." That film bags (two co-bags) and compound bag (triple bags) are provided for not apparent porosity.
      Our views are as follows:
      1, the stomata to Fumo bags of product quality does not constitute a threat to the quality of
      The compound bag, Cancel "pores" provisions mainly due laminating even when wet material, cast film appears small "pores", and the type of film bags, as well as the outer layer of film or paper, the product of Quality does not constitute a threat.
      2, there is no way to detect holes
      For laminating bags, cast layer in the middle, difficult to detect without holes, seepage experiment with another substrate, is difficult to judge whether the cast layer pores. Regulations do not permit the "holes" is equal to white writing, no meaning and role. Laminating is prone to small air "bubbles" cast layer sandwiched between the substrate and the intermediate one, but with the cooling time, the "bubble" in the air permeates slowly, it is difficult to see the visual and judgment, and do not constitute a threat to the quality of products, so there is no need to define "bubble."
      3, abolish the "composite width insufficient" grounds
      Canceled Fumo "width less than" the main reason is due to the current requirements of some Fumo Fumo bags is less than the width, so that both sides of the exposed portion is not breathable lamination, BOPP and other middle part of the fine print complex color patterns for aesthetics. For the full width required laminating pouch, if Fumo "Width inadequate", the user will find a look, is obvious quality problem. At present, the actual production equipment, as long as careful operation and will not appear Fumo "Width inadequate", and the equipment is not the same as a decade ago, is very prone to Fumo "insufficient width" and therefore limited role and meaningful or not, it is not limited.
      4, cancel not allowed to have "hard fast" provides grounds
      Canceled Fumo bag "lumps" requirement, is due to whether the apparent "lumps" Without an operational scale testing, what size, hard-to what extent is difficult to regulations. And now advanced production equipment, and plastics extrusion capacity increased, significant "lumps" little chance, even if there is little obvious "lumps" of laminating bags, they do not affect the use, the user will not be packaging materials affected.