Anti-aging is an important topic of plastic woven industry

China Inspection and Quarantine industry standard SN / T 1259-2003 aging properties on the export of FIBC provisions. The standard requires that the anti-UV test according to ASTM G53-1988 standard: application B fluorescent ultraviolet lamp, the condensation conditions of the duration of the test for 144 h, 50 ° C ~ 70 ° C in ultraviolet light irradiation for 8 h and 50 ° C outlet FIBC 4 h alternately. GB / T 22411-2008 anti-aging plastic woven packaging of dangerous goods test methods for the first time specification requirements in accordance with ISO 21898:2004 sample test. Existing GB 8946-1998 and GB 10454-2000 still requires only inspection of appearance and physical properties of the bag, there is no specific requirement of aging properties. Actual survey found that only a few manufacturers anti-aging agent added to the raw materials to ensure the anti-aging properties of plastic woven products.
       China's western region, particularly in Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, new provinces (regions) light a long time, strong ultraviolet radiation, the most open storage of cargo in the actual use of the package. Such as the asphalt of the southern border and the Qaidam Basin, Inner Mongolia Wuhai ferrosilicon and silicon carbide, the packaging is aging badly damaged, can not guarantee the safety of the use of period packaging. The packaging intensity reduced or even lost, will inevitably affect the protection of the contents, causing damage, poor and safety incidents brought serious economic loss. If the carrying dangerous goods in the storage and transportation process will also bring security risks. In addition, the aging of plastic woven bag recycling difficulties, will cause white pollution, and thus plastic woven products have good anti-aging properties is extremely important.