How to improve the surface gloss of the plastic bags

      To improve the gloss of the plastic bags of the method comprises two meanings, on the one hand, is to improve the surface gloss of the plastic woven products, called brighteners modified; the other hand, the surface gloss reducing plastic woven products become extinctionmodified.

      The specific methods of plastic bags of brightening addition to the reasonable selection of raw materials, as well as add a brightening blend brightening methods, morphological control Zengliang methods, the finish molding equipment control, secondary processing b rightening method and coated layer brightening method.

      The selection of raw materials of plastic bags, plastic raw materials can be divided into resins and additives two categories. Generally considered better gloss products corresponding to the following resins: melamine resin, ABS, PP, HIPS, PA, POM, PMMA, PPO, wherein the melamine resin and ABS glossiness of the most prominent.